Hi, I'm Ben.

Every morning I’m up early studying personal development. Then all day I relentlessly pursue building my real estate empire. In the evenings I dreamed about being a filmmaker. benschmidt.tv is my solution.


I'm 35 years old and I'm single. It’s not where I expected to be if I’m being honest. I can remember sitting at my Nanny's house around the dinner table in middle school and declaring to my family, “I’ll be married with kids by 25!”


This is a cautionary tale to those who may have fallen victim to the same paralyzing issue I had . . . not chasing your dreams.

You see, when I was 23, I was young & hungry. Full of piss & vinegar. Already owning a few rental properties, and taking the pre-licensing course to become an accredited Realtor I decided to not play it safe. “I don’t want to have a safety net, Dad!” You can imagine how he felt about his son dropping out of school to chase money.

After six grueling months and only have two sales to show for it, the credit card debt began to pile up. But after aligning with a mentor and one last push, the sales began to pour in. Three years in and I was hitting my sales goals. Along with the increased sales, acquisitions began to grow and I closed in on income property number seven, I could finally see the makings of a student rental housing operation.


I'm Ben.



I’m here to try on for size, the latest methods, tools, & tactics from the world’s latest and greatest thought leaders.


Life was good in the neighbourhood. Then along came YouTube & Gary Vaynerchuck. Reading "Crush It" was like eating a peanut butter cup for the first time. My endorphins kicked into high gear, and trillions of synapses fired & wired together.

You remember Ty Pennington, the Extreme Home Makeover guy? Well in high school that’s who I wanted to be. I wanted to own property, renovate it, & one day do it all on HGTV. Well after reading Crush It I felt I had been giving the keys & a road map to how I could make that a reality. The concept of benschmidt.tv was born. A local Fredericton, NB Realtor providing up2date real estate information to his community.

Fredericton got its first real estate video blog and house tour in February 2010. 160 videos and 14 months later there was meaningful & substantial rewards. It was clear that internet videos were the way of the future for the real estate industry, as I closed my 9th sale from the venture.


Well life should . . . could have been perfect. Trouble was I was young, immature & naïve. Inexperienced in business and life, I had bitten off more than I could chew. With aspirations of top producing sales, while acquiring & managing a rapidly growing housing operation, and now the added stress of trying to grow an online brand.

Life went on. On the outside it may have seemed like everything was great. Sales were OK & we continued to buy rental properties but slowly the tentacles of mediocrity grabbed hold and mindset of average crept in. Seeking comforts and the path of least resistance, I had slowly replaced my drive and ambition with a droned out auto-pilot version of myself. After years of inaction your willpower is depleted, your determination dust and your dreams crushed.

November 2018 I had hit rock bottom. The pain was unfathomable. Being so stuck auto-pilot you become a hollowed out version of yourself, and this can have severe consequences.

Very shortly after, a few unexpected events & chance encounters unfolded before me. Allowing me to regain the controls of my life & re-engage out of auto-pilot.

– Productivity habits allowing me to 10x on my actionables.
– Marathons ran, early morning routines set
– Employees hired, systems built
– Sales shot up, acquisition rate tripled
– Better Relationships
– Level of self respect through the roof
– and most importantly… back to chasing my vision.

Robin Sharma in an International Best Selling Author, most known for The Monk Who Sold His Ferarri. Robin’s widely recognized as one of/if not the world’s foremost thought leader in personal development. His latest book The 5AM Club landed on my lap with a flop. Mom always gets me a business book. She picked this one out because she liked the colour. Quickly devouring the book & its message I committed fully. Robin’s teachings reawakened a sleeping giant & has a man firmly back on this hero’s journey.

Matt D’Avella is a filmmaker best known for his Netflix documentary “Minimalism.” Matt has quickly garnered a cult-like following with his successful podcast The Ground Up Show where he interviews creatives about navigating entrepreneurship online. But D’Avella really shines with his hugely popular YouTube channel.

His knack for story-telling & editing along with his B- stand up comic career in hand, he merges his passion of personal development & film into highly entertaining and educational content.

Maybe you too are stuck or not performing optimally. Maybe all your great ideas, stay locked in your head. Maybe you watch too much Netflix. Maybe you scroll away, laying there on your couch. So follow along as I breakdown my journey, so I can help explain how I have methodically crafted my ideal lifestyle. It may inspire you to do the same.